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About NanoCupper

Welcome to NanoCupper, your trusted partner in the development of cutting-edge cosmetic and therapeutic products harnessing the power of copper through nanotechnology. With a profound understanding of copper's antimicrobial properties, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions for both human and animal care, utilizing copper at the nanoscale to maximize its benefits.

Our journey began with a passion for unlocking the potential of copper in skincare and healthcare. Through years of research and development, we've pioneered advanced formulations that leverage the inherent properties of copper, enhanced by nanotechnology, to deliver unparalleled results. 

Driven by our commitment to excellence, we extend our expertise beyond product development. Drawing upon our deep-rooted knowledge of the copper industry, we offer comprehensive brokerage services for the buying and selling of metals and other commodities, including sugar. 

Headquartered in Chile and the United States, we operate with a global perspective, serving clients worldwide with integrity, professionalism, and dedication. 

At NanoCupper, we blend science, innovation, and business acumen to redefine possibilities and create a healthier, more sustainable future. Join us in our mission to harness the power of copper and transform industries one breakthrough at a time.

Reasons to Choose Us

Specialized Expertise

We have a team of experts in the field of copper and cosmetic and therapeutic products, backed by years of experience and deep knowledge.

Innovation and Quality

 Our products stand out for their innovation, quality, and effectiveness, delivering advanced solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Global Commitment

With commercial offices in Chile and the United States, we provide services to clients worldwide, offering a global approach and personalized attention to each project.

Ethics and Professionalism

We are committed to operating with integrity, transparency, and professionalism in all our activities, establishing lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Explore Our Products and Services

Advanced Cosmetic and Therapeutic Products

We develop innovative products harnessing the antimicrobial properties of copper at the nanoscale to provide effective solutions for human and pet care.


Health & Beauty

CLINITY seeks to redefine beauty with unique personal care products. Explore innovation, trust, and the use of clean and pure ingredients for the holistic health of skin and hair. Discover a future where excellence meets everyday beauty, the CLINITY way.


Pet Care

CORAKKO is an innovative line using copper's antimicrobial power through advanced nanotechnology. Made for dogs and horses, Corakko's safe solutions effectively address common skin issues. Vet-approved and tested, CORAKKO ensures optimal well-being.

Business Intermediation Services

We facilitate transactions for buying and selling metals and commodities, including copper and sugar, with a focus on transparency, efficiency, and successful outcomes.


Business Intermediation Services

CuBroker excels in Business Intermediation Services, specializing in facilitating transactions for metals and commodities like copper and sugar. We navigate market complexities to ensure seamless, profitable transactions for our clients. Committed to transparency and efficiency, we're trusted partners in global trade.